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TrackSellers is the ultimate guide to millions of sellers that power the $600bn Amazon marketplaces. Everything you ever wanted to know about Amazon sellers is right here.

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About Us is the ultimate guide to the most successful companies that power $600bn Amazon marketplaces. Our marketplace intelligence platform tracks over a million third party sellers. We have a deep understanding of Amazon marketplaces and use the power of big data to monitor performance of sellers, categories and marketplaces. We rank and benchmark sellers on a variety of dimensions


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For Marketplace Service Providers

Filter 3M sellers based on 50+ criteria

Grow customer base

Personalize outreach to sellers

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Monitor Competition

Track competition performance

Monitor new & top selling products

Get Buybox metrics


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Top sellers by category and by domain

Competitive landscape monitoring

Movers and Shakers

Advanced seller search


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For Amazon Customers

Know who you are buying from

Seller reputation at a glance

Seller location

Seller ratings & reviews

All In One Marketplace Intelligence Platform



Any Seller, Any Domain

We have a comprehensive directory of 3.3M third-party sellers worldwide, across 12 Amazon marketplaces. We refresh seller data on a regular basis


Seller Dashboard

Detailed seller dashboard provides seller summary including location, key statistics, categories & brand listings, and historical reviews.

Seller Ranking

We benchmark and rank sellers on a variety of measures. Rank is primarily based on feedback volume and trends.



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