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Leverage TrackSellers comprehensive database of 5 million Amazon sellers, explore rich seller profiles, generate targeted leads, and forge strategic partnerships to supercharge your e-commerce success.

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Benefits of Using Amazon Seller Directory


Growth Platform

For Service & Software Providers

Tailored lead generation strategies

Access to an extensive Amazon seller database

Enhance existing data offerings with Amazon seller information

Increase the value and appeal of your data services


Comprehensive Seller Profiles

Competitive Intelligence

In-depth seller data and analytics

Business entity information and location

Product categories and brands

Performance metrics and historical trends


Amazon Marketplace Insights

Directory of 5 Million Amazon Sellers

Evaluate Amazon seller performance by category and marketplace

Benchmark your business against the competition

Category specific seller rankings

Rankings across 12 global marketplaces


Supplier Success Solutions

For Distributors & Manufacturers

Connect with top-performing Amazon sellers

Establish strategic partnerships

Optimize product offerings and pricing

Expand reach within the Amazon ecosystem

Data-Driven Insights for Amazon Marketplace Stakeholders



Advanced Seller Search

Unleash the full potential of your Amazon seller lead generation with our cutting-edge search capabilities


Seller Dashboard

In-depth seller profiles with key business metrics, category insights, brand listings, and review history

Seller Ranking

Rankings across 12 Amazon marketplaces and corresponding categories, offering valuable insights into performance variations in diverse markets



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