Amazon Sellers Intelligence Report

Would you like to know how you stack against your competition? Our detailed Seller Intelligence Report provides comprehensive information on a seller including business metrics, revenue estimates, categories, brands, top selling products, and (if available) address/contact details. The report can be purchased directly from the Seller Dashboard page (In the top menu, go to Sellers Lists | Top Sellers by Domain and search by seller name to access Seller Dashboard)

The report will be delivered within 2 business days. Please contact Support if you need more details.



Summary Metrics

Relevant summary metrics include:

Revenue and Order estimates

Seller Type (Private Label, Reseller, Manufacturer, DropShipper)

Rank, Reviews, Rating

Category Listings

Seller Business Entity and Location

Buybox Share

Buybox share is a crucial metric that separates successful sellers from the rest. We calculate Buybox share at a category and brand level. Resellers can use this information to identify top-selling product categories and brands


Reviews History

Understanding the seasonality of sales is critical to maximizing market opportunity. Knowing the impact of stockouts is essential to a better supply planning. Seller history page provides three years of seller reviews and listings

Top Selling Products

Seller's top-selling products page includes product attributes such as title, sales rank, Buybox price, competing offer count, FBA fees, brand, category etc.


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