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There are more than 1.5 million businesses selling on marketplace. After USA, China has the highest representation, with 30% of the top sellers coming from there. The following table shows the top 5 countries where the best sellers (top 100k) on are located
Country Sellers
USA 64.5%
China 30.4%
UK 1.4%
Hong Kong 1.1%
Canada 1.0%
Most of the US-based sellers are located in California(17.5%), Florida(9%), New York (8.1%) and Texas (7%). The following interactive map can be used to visually understand the distribution of sellers located in various states. Clicking on the states will give the breakdown by the counties.

Top 5 US counties having the most number of sellers
County Sellers
Los Angeles County, CA 58k
Orange County, CA 20k
Miami-Dade County, FL 19k
Kings County, NY 17k
San Diego County, CA 16k